Troubleshooter: Promotion Problems

HILLSBOROUGH Promotions are great, as you typically get something extra. In this case, the incentive was a weekend getaway. It caught the attention of Sharon Richard and she took advantage of the promotion. It was offered over Father's Day weekend 2007 and it was at Kohl's.

The promotion was through Docker's. All she had to do was buy $100.00 worth of Docker's clothes and she would get her choice of a weekend getaway at a number of different cities. The promotion was for three days, and two nights at hotel, plus dinner vouchers. Sharon told Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "The packet came with the voucher in it and I sent the thing off to book it."

Sharon picked three different weekends that would work for her. She says within 14 days, she did hear back from TLC Marketing, the company that handles the promotion. But she says they only let her know they got her paperwork and due to high demand it would take longer than 14 days to process. But how about the trip? Sharon says, "Those dates past and I heard nothing. I waited and waited, those dates passed. So I called and she said give us more dates. So I gave her more dates and those dates passed."

Sharon says she continued to call TLC Marketing, but says that got her nowhere. She adds, "My husband kept saying they're making it very difficult so you won't be able to follow it, but I followed everything to a tee. What frustrated Sharon even more is that the trip had to be booked by July 31st, so time was running out.

Sharon decided to email Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. She tells Troubleshooter, "It was amazing I e-mailed you on Monday and on Wednesday morning they wanted me to book it right away." After months of trying to book it, now TLC Marketing booked Sharon's trip within a day and she's already planning it! She said she's going to Savannah and couldn't be happier.

The president of TLC Marketing got on the problem right away. He said the promotion was wildly successful and they do have a backlog of vouchers to get through. He said they are fulfilling each one and trying to get to them as quickly as possible.

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