Duke LAX accuser's book sparks outrage

DURHAM The book is set to be released this fall, but attorneys for the players charged in the case say it could cause some legal backlash for the former dancer.

Eyewitness News was the only station at Crystal Mangum graduation from NCCU this spring. Her aunt, Gennie Pettiford, was there too.

"She just didn't sit down and mope about it, even though she went through with what she did and I'm thankful for that," Pettiford said.

Mangum's life before, during and after the Duke lacrosse case will soon be revealed in a tell-all book.

Her publishers will not say whether it talks about the night she claimed she was raped and beaten.

"Here's the truth --we all know what happened," Attorney Joseph Cheshire said.

Attorneys for the players later exonerated in the case predict it'll be a hard sell, partly because there may be efforts to prevent Mangum from profiting from the book.

"If she tells the truth that's one thing. I would think that would advance her life. I think people would understand and forgive that. But, there will be no forgiveness if she continues to lie," Cheshire said.

Sources tell Eyewitness News the book was set to be released earlier this year, but the threat of lawsuits delayed its publication.

It may hit store shelves in October, but not without some potential legal backlash.

"She will open up a can of worms for herself that she will wish that she'd never opened up," Cheshire said.

The book may not be the end of the story. HBO is planning to make a movie about the case.

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