Alleged drug dealing cheerleader faces charges


Authorities say /*Hunter Johnson*/ was selling prescription drugs out of her BMW.

Search warrants show a confidential informant was an eyewitness to the drug operation. According to the informant, the parking lot drug deals had been going on for more than a month.

Johnson's first court appearance was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. Instead her attorney appeared on her behalf.

The judge read aloud the serious charges being faced by the 16-year-old high school cheerleader.

"Possession with intent to sell and deliver Oxycodone, which is punishable by up to 30 months in prison," Wake District Court Judge Ned Warwick said.

The three charges against Johnson for selling prescription drugs could bring more than six years behind bars.

The news of Johnson's arrest rocked her school. Parents were surprised, but humbled when they got word.

"It just goes to show that Christians can make faults just like everyone else." Wake Christian Academy parent Toni McCaskill said.

"We'll just have to keep her and her family in our prayers. You know, as parents we just pray for God's grace each and every day." Wake Christian Academy parent Christy Wall added.

Wall is a graduate of Wake Christian and now her children attend the school.

Despite the allegations detailed in this search warrant, that investigators confiscated dozens of pills from Johnson's car on her way to school last week, wall didn't pass judgment on Johnson or the school.

"We can't really hold the faculty or the administration responsible. You know, she's got to make peace with herself," she said.

Tuesday morning school officials issued a written statement that says in part, "the school has taken appropriate actions and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement authorities. We are praying that god will grant wisdom and comfort to all those affected by this incident."

The school told /*Eyewitness News*/ Wake Christian Acamedy is a tight-knit family and it is a tough day for everyone.

"We'll just be supportive, and hope they can work through it and be praying for them," McCaskill said.

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