Does It Work: Ped Egg

RALEIGH First up the PedEgg. You've probably seen the commercials of the egg shaped gadget that claims you can gently scrape away rough skin and calluses in just minutes.

Charmaine Andrus, the Director of Education at Troutmans College of Manicuring in Raleigh, agreed to try out the PedEgg. We got a volunteer with some rough spots on her feet. According to the directions, the key with the PedEgg is to use it on dry, moisture-free feet and don't soak them. Charmaine started in the thickest areas and slid the Ped Egg back and forth. After a few minutes of sliding there was a little improvement.

Charmaine made her way across the other trouble spots and despite some work the calluses did slowly disappear. Charmaine believes the PedEgg is definitely safe for the consumer and will not cause harm.

One user did report that you shouldn't scrape too hard or too long, as you can rub your feet raw. If you follow the directions you should be fine. As for as the claims that it's mess free Charmaine disagreed. While the Ped Egg did catch most of the shavings, some seem to find their way to the floor.

But overall, Charmaine found the Ped Egg really does work to smooth out rough feet.

So we give the Ped Egg a thumbs up. It may not give you the look of a professional pedicure but it's great for an in-home touch up. And the price is right. For only about 10 bucks, you get the scraper and two buffing pads to smooth out your skin afterwards. You can find the Ped Egg at drug stores and big box stores.

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