Did man shoot at deputies?

KENLY After the incident, a spokesperson for the Johnson County Sheriff's Office said that after officers arrived at a home on Glendale Road, 54-year-old Reginald Lee Witcher shot at them from his front door.

Deputies returned fire, killing Witcher.

But the incident report filed after the accident simply states "While on the scene, we encountered an armed man with a shotgun. The suspect was shot by law enforcement."

The deputies involved, J.K. Garner and A.J. Case, are on administrative leave. That's routine after an officer involved shooting.

Eyewitnesses News contacted the Johnson County Sheriff's Office Tuesday to ask about the discrepancy. The department says the incident report is only a brief narrative, and so it does not conflict with earlier statements.

A much longer and complete narrative has been handed over to the State Bureau of Investigation. The department stands by its statements that Witcher fired first.

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