Investigation finds no hazing at FSU

FAYETTEVILLE They began an investigation in January after getting an anonymous complaint that fraternity members allegedly took a group of pledges off campus, blindfolded them and beat them with a wooden paddle.

In a statement sent to the media Tuesday, Janice Haynie, the university's vice chancellor for student affairs, said "The University was unable to substantiate a claim of hazing by either fraternity; however, the University has imposed sanctions on Alpha Phi Alpha for a non-hazing violation of its Code of Student Conduct."

She did not say what the violation was. Punishment for the fraternity includes being banned from some campus activities including taking in new members, paying a fine, and doing community service.

Alpha Phi Alpha was founded in 1906 at Cornell University and is one of the oldest black fraternal organizations in existence.

Famous members include Dr. Martin Luther King, who joined the fraternity at Morehouse College, Olympian Jesse Owens, plus former ambassador and Atlanta mayor Andrew Young.

Fayetteville State is a historically black institution and is one of 16 public universities in North Carolina

Haynie said Tuesday that the school will not tolerate hazing.

"Fayetteville State University has strict policies that prohibit hazing as well as educational programs designed to prevent it," she said. "The University takes any allegation of hazing seriously and will promptly investigate allegations that come to its attention."

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