Republicans: Perdue exaggerating deficit

RALEIGH "It's a four-fold exaggeration," Stam said. "The true gap is $1.1 billion."

Why would anyone exaggerate those numbers?

Stam said, "If you can exaggerate that four-fold, then you can inspire people with fear and terror to vote for higher taxes."

Democrats deny the claims.

A spokesman for House Speaker Joe Hackney told Eyewitness News, "The idea that budget writers are trying to scare up the budget is simply false. There are over $2 billion in cuts being discussed that are very real and will affect people especially in human services and education."

Only a handful of Democrats from the House and the Senate are working out the budget details, and Rep. Stam takes issue with that.

"We're not privy to those discussions," Stam said. "That's Democrats talking to Democrats, which is like wolves deciding who will take care of the lambs, the taxpayers."

One taxpayer Eyewitness News spoke to said the talk of raising revenue through higher taxes hurts too much when money is already tight.

"Let me keep my money in my pocket," taxpayer Matt Finley said. "I pay my taxes every year. Let me keep what little money I have."

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