'Bachelor in Paradise' stars Jade, Tanner Tolbert open up about miscarriage early in their relationship

As Bachelor in Paradise alums Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert get ready for the birth of their second child, they're opening up about a struggle they have long kept secret: a miscarriage early on in their relationship.

Jade said that now that she is pregnant again, all of the emotions are coming back to her.

"Some days you feel like you're making progress, and you're healing, and some days it just hits you like a freight train," she told Good Morning America.

The couple appeared on the show during the summer of 2015. They got engaged after just four weeks. It was shortly after that that the miscarriage happened, they recently revealed.

"At the time, I didn't really grieve. Because I just didn't know really how to process it," Jade said in a reflection video on YouTube. "It was so much so fast."

Their first child, daughter Emerson, was born in August 2017. Their second child is due in August.

Jade explained on Facebook that there were multiple reasons she was hesitant to open up, one of them being that the couple first got pregnant while filming the show.

"My journey with my grief has been a rollercoaster, and so I've never even known really where to start with telling others. I've also been afraid to tell people Tanner and I got pregnant on Bachelor in Paradise while filming," she wrote. "I've been keeping this weight for a long time, but being pregnant with our second child, all these emotions have been on the surface for me."

The couple said the reason they're sharing their struggle is in hopes that others going through something similar will know they are not alone.

"I feel like a lot of women feel like they can't share their truths," Jade said. "I think when one more person opens up it's just giving yourself permission to discover or get in touch with those feelings of your own."

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