New York City hotel sells $1,000 bagel

ByAlexa Friedman WABC logo
Sunday, October 22, 2017
New York City hotel bringing back $1,000 bagel
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New Yorkers will be able to buy a $1,000 bagel.

TIMES SQUARE, Manhattan -- For anyone traveling with an empty stomach and a full wallet, a New York hotel will soon be serving up $1,000 bagels.

The Westin in Times Square is bringing a luxury bagel back to its menu Nov. 1, for customers with expensive taste.

The fancy bagel is topped with Alba white truffle cream cheese, goji berry-infused Riesling jelly and to top it all off, golden leaf flakes.

All of the proceeds from these bagels with bling will be donated to the Holy Apostle Soup Kitchen.

The bold bagel is a rarer item than the McRib, making its most recent menu appearance in 2007.

The $1,000 bagel is available through Dec. 15 and must be ordered 24 hours in advance.