Johnson & Johnson donates 32,000 Band-Aids to Triangle kids with cancer

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Saturday, December 23, 2017
Johnson & Johnson donates 32,000 Band-Aids to Triangle kids with cancer
Johnson & Johnson donates 32,000 Band-Aids to Triangle kids with cancer

When moms whose kids are fighting cancer started collecting kid-themed bandages, they had no idea their efforts would get the attention of the Band-Aid brand at Johnson & Johnson.

After seeing my story about ABC11 viewers donating more than 15,500 kid-themed bandages to help kids with cancer, the Band-Aid brand and Johnson & Johnson reached out to me and wanted to help.

The company helped in a big way, by sending these 11 boxes filled with holiday-themed Band-Aids.

"BAND-AID brand is inspired by this community's effort to provide moments of happiness for kids in local hospitals," said Lee Meyers, Marketing Director for the BAND-AID Brand at Johnson & Johnson. "When we heard about their efforts we knew we had to contribute to this great cause. We hope our donation of decorative, holiday-inspired BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages can provide a little relief and put a smile on the faces of these courageous kids."

I first learned about the need for kid-themed band-aids in October.

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Several moms whose kids have cancer asked for donations of kid-themed bandages.

The reason, their children go to the hospital for treatments often, and the hospital only supplies the regular bandages. The kid-themed band-aids come through donations.

When I got Band-Aid brand donations, I took the more than 32,000 Band-Aid donation to Stetson, one of the kids currently fighting cancer.

His mom, Amy DeBerry started collecting the kid-themed bandages in 2015, when Stetson was first diagnosed with cancer.

She said, "Just so I can give back to the nurses and doctors who do so much for these kids."

When she saw the boxes and boxes of holiday-themed Band-Aids, she couldn't believe it.

Amy added, "We are just so grateful to get this many. Thank you."

Stetson loved seeing all of the donations from the Band-Aid brand and couldn't believe he was going to get to take all of them to the hospital.

He said it would bring so many smiles to the kids who are going through so much.

Currently, Stetson goes for treatment to UNC once a month, and each time he goes, Amy said he enjoys dropping off the new donations.