107-year-old woman credits avoiding marriage as key to long, happy life

CO-OP CITY, Bronx -- More than 100 friends and family members gathered for a special party to celebrate the 107th birthday of a woman in the Bronx.

Louise Jean Signore was born on July 31, 1912, and on Wednesday, she celebrated her long life.

She's independent and lives alone and is very candid about her remarkable life and her secret to longevity.

The petite powerhouse was born in Manhattan and moved to the Bronx in 1926 -- and she has lived there ever since.

Even when she was in her 90s, Signore would swim each day at Orchard Beach.

She is also proud of her travels around the world.

"I was working for the MTA and in 1955 I took three months off and I went to Europe," she said.

She spends a lot of time at the JASA Bartow Senior Center and loves dancing and an occasional glass of red wine.

She said she's never had a major surgery and she's only broken a bone once.

But at 107 years old, she never imagined she'd live this long and attributes her longevity in part to an upbeat, adventurous spirit.

She says the key to her long life is pretty simple:

"Food and exercise and you have to have a system," she said.

She also jokes that her decision to never get married may have contributed to her longevity.

When asked what the best part of being 107 years old was, she responded: "Not getting married."

She was one of four siblings -- three of whom are still alive today, including her baby sister who turned 102 years old in March.

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