Small black owned business gets many Valentine's Day orders

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Infinite Flowers, a Raleigh based floral business has plenty of orders coming in for Valentine's Day. But unlike larger commercial florists, owner Sharita Green, runs her one-woman operation with assistance from a delivery driver. Now, she says, she stays busy.

"All day. We open at 5:30 so you can imagine, they start at 5:29. I get calls in as early as that," Green said. "I still have all my hair on my head, so I'm okay for right now. I am working off maybe an hour of sleep, but I really don't consider it work. I love flowers, I just love the way they make me feel and I just want to pass that along to everyone else."

Green started off small, after moving to Raleigh from Elizabeth City. But she's got some big plans and a lot of things to do between now and Monday. A look at her website, shows a range of floral gifts including handcrafted floral bears for $109. While she'll make a nice profit if she sells everything that's available for Valentine's Day, she has more business opportunities ready to go before Mondays in her rear-view mirror.

"You just never know. Somebody has a loved one who's passing on, or a breakup," Green said. "Somebody's in the doghouse. I get a lot of those calls, and I'm here to get 'em out!"

Green is preparing to bring more smiles, hugs and kisses to her customer, long after the aromas from her Valentine's Day floral orders fades away.
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