Bryan shooting witness said suspect 'spared his life'

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Friday, April 9, 2021
Shooting victim spared by suspect said they met 'eye-to-eye'
Marc Barron said he was caught off guard by the shooting. He said it's not something anyone expected to happen. He realized what was going on when he came eye-to-eye with the suspect. Watch the video above, to hear what happened that left him "so shook."

BRYAN, Texas -- A suspect arrested in connection with the shooting that killed one person and injured five others, including a DPS trooper, in Bryan, Texas reportedly "came with the intention of causing harm," according to witnesses.

As the scene unfolded on Thursday, victims recalled the moment the shooting broke out at Kent Moore Cabinets, a central Texas custom cabinet manufacturer.

Marc Barron, an employee at Kent Moore, said the shooting caught him off guard as the suspect is not someone expected to do such a thing.

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"I see him every day," Barron said. "The dude, he's kind of quiet. He's the dude you wouldn't expect to do this kind of stuff. But I guess that's why nobody expected for stuff like this to happen."

Barron described the unidentified suspect as quiet, and someone who would offer to buy others food.

When the shooting began, Barron told ABC13 he assumed something had fallen until he came face-to-face with the suspect.

"I turned around and he faces me. We made eye-to-eye contact," Barron said. "He basically turned away from me to shoot (the victim who works on the other side of the suspect)."

Another victim, Amelia Rodriguez, who's been with the company for 10 years, said she and others began praying.

WATCH: Woman says she 'just hid and prayed' during shooting

In the video above, an employee talks about hearing the shooting and what she did when it all unfolded. Hit play to hear more.

"I hid under a small place and praying to God," she said. "To give me the opportunity to be alive again. Because you never know with these people. I remember El Paso. I remember Virginia. These shootings going on everywhere and you never know."

The suspect was arrested following the shooting. At the time of the arrest, Bryan police confirmed the suspect was an employee of the manufacturer but did not have a motive for the shooting.