Police and firefighters rescue 2-year-old boy locked in hot car

ByAlexa Friedman WABC logo
Sunday, October 22, 2017
Toddler rescued from locked car
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A toddler was rescued after locking himself in a hot car.

ORLANDO, Florida -- Police officers and firefighters rescued a toddler after he locked himself in his family's car on a hot day.

Ken Rubin and his family were at a shopping mall in Orlando, Florida, Thursday when their 2-year-old son, Apollo, got stuck inside the vehicle.

A police officer in the area heard the parents' cries for help and started working to rescue Apollo.

Time was a factor for the emergency crews who worked to remove the child as he began to sweat visibly in the hot vehicle.

Apollo was stuck in the car for 30 minutes before one of the emergency responders broke a window and freed him from the SUV.

Rubin called the auto company to have the doors unlocked remotely, but the emergency unlock mechanism did not work.

Rubin recorded a seven minute video of the rescue and shared it on social media to raise awareness about the dangers of leaving children in vehicles.

"Orlando Police Department and Fire Department both showed up right away on the spot and helped us out," Rubin said. "We're very grateful they were there to help us, and they're our heroes for the day."

A paramedic examined Apollo and found that he did not sustain any injuries.