After year-long fight, Troubleshooter helps Knightdale woman get car title

KNIGHTDALE, N.C. (WTVD) -- When you pay off your car, you expect to get your title. But that didn't happen for Knightdale resident Ebony Petty.

She made her last payment on her car in August of 2020, she never thought she'd have twelve months of frustrations to get her title.

"I made several phone calls to Hyundai Finance," she said. "They kind of placed it on someone else they said it was a Fifth Third Bank problem, they had a lien on the vehicle. That wasn't the case."

Flights canceled and refunds nowhere to be found, until Troubleshooter Diane Wilson gets involved

Petty says she never had the car financed through Fifth Third, only through Hyundai Motor Finance, which even provided a letter to show they didn't have a lien on the car.

When she went to the DMV, she got documentation that showed Hyundai still had the lien.

"After I couldn't get any results -- I called a million times -- I decided to contact you," Petty told Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

Wilson got Petty's information off to Hyundai, and she got great news. The lien was released, and she got her title in the mail.

"After a whole year, I'm definitely happy," Petty said.

Hyundai worked directly with Petty to resolve her case. The best advice is to keep records of your payments and who you make them to. If you have that proof, it will help if you ever run into a problem like this.
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