Laid off dad passes out resumes at busy Charlotte intersection

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Charlotte father is taking his desperate search for a job to the streets.

Michael Bridges stood at a busy Charlotte intersection this week, carrying a large homemade sign that read: "LAID OFF! NEED A JOB. TAKE A RESUME. BA & MBA."

"I got laid off in June," Bridges told TV station WSOC, "and unfortunately, this is my second time being laid off, so I've been in this situation before."

Bridges, who said he has both a BA degree and a MBA degree and experience in human resources work, isn't ruling out any kind of job -- even applying to be a sanitation worker.

He said he's applied for dozens of jobs and interviewed for many of them without success. Bridges said his wife works, but with rising costs in Charlotte that one income isn't enough.

"I'm trying not to lose my house to foreclosure," he said. "I just want my kids to know that I want a better future for them."

Bridges said until he lands that job he'll be out there on the side of the road passing out resumes.
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