Online order gone wrong: Raleigh woman says misleading product description, photos tricked her

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Saturday, May 4, 2024
Online order gone wrong: Troubleshooter helps woman get full refund
The pictures and description of the chair a Raleigh woman bought did not match the chair that was delivered to her home.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Raleigh woman blames misleading online pictures and description for tricking her into buying a bad piece of furniture.

She said what was delivered to her home was not what was shown online when she placed her order.

"When it was delivered, I got this and I said 'This isn't what I ordered.' I thought (I was) getting chaise set with a complete seat and legs formation," Donna Bond said.

Instead, Bond got a chair that had a hole in the center of the recliner section.

"Two bars which are not padded as well and pressure point in the chair is not good; I never would have ordered this if I would have known this would have been there and not a complete section," Bond explained.

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She ordered the chair online because she said it was not in the showroom yet. Under the detail section online for the chair, it talks about the chaise seat and chaise lounge features. If you scroll down the website, pictures of chairs show them all being one piece with the chair and footrest part connected -- not like what Bond got delivered.

"It's not the one-piece padded piece that I expected it to be," she said.

Bond contacted the store and manufacturer and pointed out the differences. She got an email back from the manufacturer of the chair.

"They sent me a note saying thank you very much. We did find it and we've changed the description of the chair to take the chaise part out," she said.

Bond wanted more.

"I would like to have my money back so that I can apply it to a chair that will fit me and that the legs will support my legs."

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Troubleshooter Diane Wilson reached out to the manufacturer of the chair and the business that sold Bond the chair. The receipt for the purchase does say all sales are final and no refunds. A representative for the manufacturer said the company made an error in the advertising text and immediately fixed it when she alerted them to the discrepancy.

As for the photographs shown, the representative added that those are photos of other lift recliner styles to help customers visualize the product features. The representative said that out of the hundreds of thousands of products the company sells every year, this is the first time someone misunderstood that the product photo was of a different style of the product.

The company said it is in the process of listing a disclaimer to avoid future confusion.

When it comes to Bond's chair, she got great news from the store where she bought it. The store called her to let her know it would pick up the chair and give her a full refund.

"I'm very grateful for you all coming out and listening to what we had to say," she told Wilson.

Bond said for her next chair purchase, she will go see the chair in person, so she can make sure she is getting what she expects.