Leap year sisters meet leap year doctor who delivered them at New Jersey hospital

VOORHEES, New Jersey -- Two young sisters from New Jersey have a big reason to celebrate on Saturday.

Both are leap year babies, one born in 2012, the other in 2016 -- which means their big day only comes once every four years.

Second-grader Chloe Davidson has high hopes for her birthday, wondering if she'll be able to somehow top what she got as a present on her first official one -- a little sister named Joelle.

"It was crazy," she said.

Mom and dad said they did plan this, at least as best they could.

"We actually did, I was so excited," mom Jamie Davidson said. "Our due date for the first one was on February 25 and I was going to Dr. Grossman, and he was like, 'Maybe your baby will be born on my birthday.'"

That's right, the doctor who delivered both girls -- OBGYN Dr. Eric Grossman -- is a Leap Year baby himself.

"It's sort of a fun thing to share with people," he said. "It's almost like everyone's from the same hometown. You feel a little bond even if you don't really know these people."

Chloe and Joelle came to visit him at Virtua Voorhees Hospital, where they gave him cards to give babies born on February 29 this year.

"I always enjoy working on my birthday, because I love adding leap year babies to the mix," Dr. Grossman said.

As for the girls, their mom says she's going all out to plan their birthday party this year.

The girls picked the theme of "terrible twos."

"We're just going to go all out," she said. "I had my daughter invite her whole class, her whole second grade."
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