A long life well lived: Clinton man dies at 109

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Friday, December 15, 2017
  • Razzie Smith
  • Clinton native Mr. Razzie Smith turns 109!
  • Clinton native Mr. Razzie Smith turns 109!
  • Clinton native Mr. Razzie Smith turns 109!
  • Clinton native Mr. Razzie Smith turns 109!
Razzie Smith

CLINTON, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Razzie Smith of Clinton enjoyed life. And he enjoyed his birthdays -- all 109 of them.

"He looked forward to going out and celebrating his birthday each year," says his niece, Cora Miller. "With his fellow church members, his family, and friends. That's something he always asked about-- is so-and-so gonna be there? Make sure you let such-and-such know! And he would always gear himself up in July for that August celebration each year."

Razzie Smith died peacefully Thursday after a long life well lived. Born in 1908, Smith lived his entire life in Sampson County, although he did have to travel to do various jobs to make ends meet.

The last several years of his "official" working life were spent doing various duties at the Mary Gran Nursing Center. But even after that, he kept busy.

"He was well known in Clinton for cutting yards for so many years after he officially retired," Miller says. "And he just did so many things in the community as far as working. That's what he would do -- that was his work ethic."

Smith's legacy includes 11 children and a grandchild he and his wife Annie raised as their own. And then there are the great-grandchildren. And the great-great-grandchildren.

"We don't know how many," Miller says with a laugh. "We'll have to send out a Facebook post and tell everybody. I don't think anybody has actually sat down and gotten an accurate count. We just say 'several generations' and keep it movin!"

Funeral services are still being arranged. But it's a safe bet the church will be packed.