USO arriving in Florida to help troops

FLORIDA (WTVD) -- A crew from the United Service Organizations (USO) of North Carolina spent more than 24 hours on the road as they journeyed from Morrisville to the St. Petersburg-Tampa area.

Their mission is to provide some relief and comfort for troops helping out with Hurricane Irma's recovering efforts.

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"We're just really trying to make sure that the troops are taken care of," said USO Coordinator Darius Crisp.

ABC11 has been in constant contact with the crew during their trip.

Not long after they crossed the Florida state line, they stopped at a Sam's Club and picked up more supplies.

"We got some snacks," said Crisp. "We can't wait to get on the ground and help people out."

The crew left Morrisville early Thursday morning.

Volunteers are prepared to stay in Florida for a while and have been briefed on what to expect once their boots hit the ground.

Crisp said, "People are still without power. We have 3,000 troops that we are going to be support alone, and the military presence is pretty much everywhere in the state."

The USO of North Carolina is welcoming donations to help their efforts.

You can make a contribution online.
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