After 43 days in the hospital, most of the time on a ventilator, she danced out of Nash UNC Health Care

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (WTVD) -- Dance. That's the first thing 38-year-old Adrienne Burns did after walking out of Nash UNC Health Care, where she battled COVID-19.

Nurses danced to the Wobble with her.

"It's fun and you want people to know that you overcame something," Burns said.

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Burns overcame 43 days in the hospital. Many of them on a ventilator. Many of them lonely. Her faith and support from family and staff got her through the tough times.

"One particular therapist nurse, on one of my worst days, came and she does occupational therapy and she was massaging my shoulders and she prayed, she prayed for me," Burns said. "That was a memorable moment for me and then she walked out with me when we did the video."

Burns is one of nearly 19,000 people in North Carolina who have recovered from COVID-19.

Once Burns got to her home in Spring Hope, she had a special reunion with her family and son.

"That was the longest I've been in the hospital, away from my son," Burns said. "My son is 11. He's also special needs."

"He gave me the biggest hug and he was so excited to have me, finally, home."

Burns believes she got the coronavirus while at her job as a retail cashier in Raleigh. She said she spread COVID-19 to several of her family members before she knew she had it. She said she still feels weak so she won't be returning to work until she feels 100 percent.

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Burns thanked the Nash UNC Health Care staff for saving her life. She said she almost didn't make it and that it's a miracle she's alive.

"I had to learn how to feed myself all over again," Burns said. "I had to learn to walk. I had to learn to brush my teeth because I was on the ventilator for almost two weeks."

One thing she didn't have to re-learn, though -- Her dance moves. Her way of celebrating her recovery.

"It felt good," Burns said. "It really felt good."
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