Dodgers masks made by Parkinson's patient to fight back against the disease and support coronavirus protection

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Thursday, May 14, 2020
Parkinson's patient is fighting against her disease and helping others
Face masks to raise money to fight Parkinson's disease!

Joan DeYoung has been fighting back against her Parkinson's disease by taking boxing classes at Rock Steady Boxing in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Thankfully, the positive effects of her class have allowed her to continue her love of sewing.

"She's this world class quilter..." said Lisa Oliver, co-owner and head coach of Rock Steady Boxing. "And this year with COVID-19 instead of doing the quilts, she turned that into making protective face masks."

De Young is also a big Dodgers fan and had leftover Dodgers fabric from a quilt she was making. Dodgers legend Kirk Gibson is also living with Parkinson's diseases and has started the Kirk Gibson Foundation to help find a cure. De Young decided to tie it all together and started making Dodgers masks, which can only be had by making a donation to the fight against Parkinson's disease.

"I said to Lisa, 'Hey I have some Dodgers fabric, why don't we try to promote that I will make some masks and maybe they'll make donations to our fundraising,'" De Young said.

Normally she sews quilts, but with the coronavirus pandemic, and two daughters in law working in the medical profession, she has decided to turn from quilts to masks. DeYoung sews them all with materials purchased entirely from her pocket.

To get a Dodgers mask, simply donate to the Parkinson's Foundation HERE.