Two women create one-stop-shop design and catering pandemic-friendly business

Colorful, bright and delicious; all the vibes you need during a pandemic.

"People are trying to find a way to get together and I think food always brings people together," said Dahiana Vitabar, Pineapple Sol co-founder.

Facing shut downs and quarantine, instead of giving up, these best friends decided to get to work creating Pineapple Sol.

"We had been thinking about this for a while now then COVID happened and we were like you know what the best thing we can do is use our time to focus on giving birth to a business idea," said Aleena Azhar, Pineapple Sol co-founder.

The event planning business is your one-stop-shop for design and catering, creating a beautiful setting with personal touches like cheese boards and pastries. And since February, it's worked for people planning events during the pandemic.

"People are trying to think outside the box like what we can do to get together on the safe side," said Vitabar.

Ultimately, they're hoping to have a storefront and an event space. But until then, this pair of first generation, female business owners say they're not giving up.

"We really want to set that example to females and other people struggling that if you want something you're going to go get it," said Azhar.

If you're interested in using any of Pineapple Sol's services, visit their Instagram account here: