Duke Home Health: New program allows COVID-19 patients to get care from the comfort of home

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Over the last 10 months, medical teams are getting creative.

Duke Health recently introduced a new type of care for COVID-19 patients to free up the hospital beds and flatten the curve.

Susan Sellers became one of the first patients to receive the new type of care. After a positive COVID-19 test, she found herself in the hospital.

"They took X-rays and said I had COVID pneumonia," Sellers said.

At that point, Sellers said she knew she'd be admitted.

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"It's just this dread that just kind of comes over me and I'm like, 'Oh gosh, I'm going to have to be here,'" Seller said.

However, Sellers was given an option. She was able to receive all of her care from home through Duke Health's Enhanced Home Health COVID Care Program.

"They're being monitored every four hours. They are doing their vital signs. Then us as nurses, our triage nurse and the physicians all see those vital signs," said Ruth Cornwell, Duke Health R.N.

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They're able to do it all remotely. Patients still receive daily visits from nurses and video appointments with their doctor. It frees up hospital beds for patients who are in dire need and allowing patients to be cared for in comfort.

"You feel more relaxed and you can do things at your own pace but when you're in the hospital, it's their schedule and their timing," Sellers said.

When patients are in this program, Duke provides them with all of the equipment they need. Right now, the program can accommodate 10 COVID-19 patients at a time.

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