Duke wrestler aiming for WWE stardom

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Saturday, June 16, 2018
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DUKE wrestler has his sights set on the WWE

DURHAM, NC (WTVD) -- Jacob Kasper has loved the WWE since he was a little kid.

Sting, Goldberg, The Rock - he loved them all.

But he didn't just watch wrestling, he was then compelled to act out the moves at home with his brothers.

Unlike millions of other little boys, Kasper eventually grew into an All-American and ACC champion heavyweight wrestler at Duke.

He attributes clean living and a maniacal work ethic for his success.

Now, he's taking that work ethic from amateur wrestling to the pros, with the dream of becoming one of the WWE heroes he once idolized.

Kasper will attend a WWE training camp later this month in Orlando, with his older brother.

Part of the testing will be physical, and part of it will be verbal.

To be a WWE star, you don't just have to flip and body slam a good game, you better be able to talk too.

Here's Jacob selling himself to our cameras, and by extension, the WWE: