Incident in Durham was 'swatting' call

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Monday, October 16, 2017
Incident in Durham was 'swatting' call
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The Durham Police Department says a reported hostage situation Monday morning was a hoax.

DURHAM (WTVD) -- The Durham Police Department said a reported hostage situation Monday morning was a hoax.

The 911 call sent law enforcement rushing to the 13-hundred block of Durham's Whispering Oak Lane not far from Falls Lake.

Sheriff's deputies, Durham police, and paramedics were on the scene.

Police later called the incident a "swatting" call where someone calls 911 to try to get a SWAT team to respond.

They were trying to trace the caller.

ABC11 has obtained the 911 call.

Listen to the 911 call. Warning, there's graphic language.

The caller begins by saying that he was not in a "mental health state right now," adding that he shot and killed someone and had his whole family hostage.

Then he proceeds to tell the operator that he wants $50,000 dollars or else he'll blow up his whole family up. When the operator tells him to talk to her, he said, "I don't know what I should do. I'm really so high right now."

Authorities have yet to release the caller's identity.

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