Moore County charter school to move to 4-day week next school year

MOORE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- While some people wish for a four day work week, one Moore County charter school is making it happen.

Sandhills Theatre Arts Renaissance School will be moving to a four-day school week starting next year.

"Performing arts. That's what we're all about. Giving our students the big stage," said Executive Director Dr. Wesley Graner.

STARS charter school is also about giving students the best education, which is why they're opting to a four-day week.

"For the kids, it will give us a chance to work with some students who need extra help but then offer different learning criteria for students who want to be here," said Gainer.

Hundreds of districts in 25 states have flirted, if not adopted, Monday through Thursday schedules. Research shows the new schedule saves change, cutting down on costs and teacher recruitment.

But for Gainer, the decision was just common sense.

"Most folks ... I would say anyone who's worked with teachers and education would say there's a benefit of working with smaller groups of students," said Gainer.

Like every public school, charter schools have to meet for at least 1,025 hours each school year. For STARS students, that means longer days but even longer weekends.

"We'll be about seven and a half hours," said Gainer

While some parents expressed cramming concerns, others told ABC11 that they see it as a chance to connect

"I have a daughter on the autism spectrum so for her it gives her an extra opportunity to do things. They have a lot of school work as is so the four days. So four days a week, we have that extra day as a family," said Megan Henricks.
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