ABC11 staff share their favorite photos of mom

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Sunday, May 13, 2018
Tisha and her mother.

On this Mother's Day we asked the ABC11 staff to share with us their favorite photos of mom.

Don "Big Weather" Schwenneker

I love this pic of my mom and late stepdad. Even though he was in a deadly battle with addiction, I took this pic in one of his better moments, and a perfect moment for my mom. You can see the joy on her (and his) face. I love you, Mom!!!


Here's my mom...A brilliant woman who managed to put herself through nursing school along with my dad while raising 8 kids all the way up to a Masters degree from Georgetown. Needless to say, she would drop everything to take care of us when we got sick ourselves. She also set a example of how hard work pays off and it's never too late!


I love this picture of my mom and me because it shows how adventurous she is even at 74! It was taken at the top of Tent Rocks National Monument in New Mexico during our recent Mother-Daughter trip. It was a very strenuous hike, but the goal was to get to the top (6,760 feet above sea level) and mom didn't stop. We shared a special moment at the top as she's been there for me during every up and down, and now this was a moment of pure happiness.


Mom and I have taken many photos together over the years, but this is one of my favorites- just a snapshot in her and Pop's backyard in Concord from a couple of years ago. I love everything about it; her bright blue eyes, the closeness, the way her hand's on my shoulder. Mom is my rock. She's the phone call I make because I know if it's been a few days she misses me and I miss her. She listens intently and prays with everything she has. She's constant in all she does but even now, is showing me how to be brave and change the things we need to in order to grow. What a woman! I love you, Mama Bird! Happy Mother's Day.


This is one of my favorite pictures with my mom. We celebrated our birthday in New York last summer. During our visit, we stopped by Good Morning America to meet the team. My mother was so happy! She starts her day with GMA so it was a special moment for her. I just enjoyed seeing her excitement of watching the show behind the scenes.


This is my mom, Donna Miller. We took this picture last Christmas and it's my favorite because I helped her cook. My mom is sassy and full of energy. She is the one person I would truly trust with my life. A mothers love is beyond understanding.


This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom, Beth aka Betty, and me! This was at my grandma's 90th birthday party in one of my favorite places, Cape Cod! There are hundreds of reasons I am incredibly thankful for my mom but the biggest is because she taught me the importance of family. This picture represents that. We have family all across the country who made an effort to come together to celebrate my grandmother. My family has been my rock and biggest support system throughout my life. In can sometimes be difficult working in this industry moving and being far from family but no matter what my mom is always there supporting me and encouraging me to follow my dreams no matter where they take me. I am so thankful to her for teaching me core values and always making sure I know my family will always be there for me. Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!


This Christmas shot of me and my mother, Anne Wilson Johnson, really displays our joy during one of our too infrequent reunions. She's remained in Baltimore, my hometown, during all my travels since leaving for college and we live several hours apart now. So every holiday we share gives us another opportunity for real hugs like the one you see here!