Nationwide firework shortage not impacting shoppers at South of the Border firework stand

A nationwide shortage of fireworks doesn't seem to be reaching a popular shop at South of the Border in South Carolina.

Fort Pedro, a major hub just off I-95 South, is known to have endless options for celebrating Independence Day and Tiffany and the rest of her New Bern, North Carolina family were eager to stock up.

"We got some smoke bombs, bottle rockets, roman candles, couple of little multi-shooter boxes," Tiffany said.

Just across the parking lot, the Bryant family, from Columbus, Ohio, stopped by to buy their own supplies on their drive back home from Disney World.

"This year is probably bigger than the previous. We normally fund it ourselves, but this time we had a bunch of neighbors pitch in money, so we went over the top," Bryant said.

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Many recent reports state that the U.S. is seeing a firework shortage due to record breaking sales in 2020 and shipping delays in China. ABC11 asked many people shopping at Fort Pedro if they had any issues finding what they needed.

Shamar Herndon, of Raleigh, told ABC11 they had no trouble, "Yup, everything I needed I found."

A relief for young Creed who told ABC11, "I really like the big roman candles, but then, we also have the small ones that you can shoot; those are probably my favorite part."

Right now, Fort Pedro's website says they're open 24 hours until the evening of 4th of July.

After a difficult 2020, many families say they're eager to celebrate a more normal holiday.

"More people coming out, seeing more family members and all that good stuff and cooking out and having a good time," Herndon said.

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