Washington state driver sees object flying across road, later finds gun lodged in his bumper

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Thursday, May 24, 2018
Driver finds handgun lodged in his bumper after thud on freeway
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A driver in Washington state saw something fly through the air and heard an impact as he drove down Interstate 5 but thought nothing of it.

LAKEWOOD, Washington -- A driver in Washington state pulled over to get gas only to find a small handgun stuck in his bumper.

According to Trooper Guy Gill with the Washington State Patrol, the motorist was driving his grey Honda along Interstate 5 when he saw a small black object flying through the air and felt it strike the front of his car.

Thinking nothing of the incident, the driver continued on for another 18 miles. When he stopped at the gas station, he found the handgun lodged barrel-first into his bumper.

Gill said his agency recovered the handgun and turned it over to local police in Lakewood, Washington. It's not immediately clear where the firearm came from.

"It could have been thrown from a car, it could have been on the road and another vehicle drove over it flinging it into the air, we just don't know," Gill told ABC News.