Gadgets to make cleaning your house easier

If you're on the go, cleaning the house is the last thing on your mind, but there are some gadgets though that could help keep your home in tip-top shape.


Perfect for keeping dog hair and other dust particles under control, a robotic vacuum can do the work while you're at work.

Most come with timers that can be set for different parts of the day.

Certain objects that could stop the robot from moving (large, bulky doormats) should be removed before allowing the robot to roam the home. Most robots are capable of cleaning hardwood floors and carpet.
These can get expensive depending on the type of model purchased, but there are cheaper alternatives.

The EVERTOP has a four-star rating on Amazon and starts at just under $80.

Walmart also has different offers, including the Rollibot Genius.


These devices are perfect for cleaning small spots that you won't necessary lug a big vacuum to -like the stairs.
The small vacuum can be charged up, which means it's cord-free.

These, too, range in price. Best Buy sells the LShark 18V cordless handheld for just under $40.


This gadget is ideal for cleaning up small stains around the house.

This miniature carpet cleaner uses a mixture of cleaner and water to penetrates tough stains.

These cleaners are also an excellent way to clean certain couches, sucking up dirt that you may not have realized was present.

These, too, range in price. Walmart sells the Bissell Little Green Portable for $79.
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