I tried a Hydrafacial and I can't believe what was hiding in my face

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Monday, January 24, 2022
I tried a Hydrafacial and I can't believe what was hiding in my face
I tried the popular HydraFacial and I was disgusted at what was hiding in my face!

NEW YORK -- Not sure why it's taken me this long to finally try the long time favorite Hydrafacial.

It's the most satisfying facial because you can feel the gunk being sucked out of your pores like a little face vacuum. At the same time, hydrating serums and antioxidants are being pushed into your skin.

You get all the benefits of a chemical peel without the burning and extractions without the pressure and pinching.

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"It's sort of an all-in-one facial procedure" said Dr. Arash Akhavan, dermatologist and founder of the Dermatology & Laser Group. "It combines elements of microdermabrasion, very light peels and a traditional facial all in one."

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So how does this one quick facial get it all done? Using hydradermabrasion, your skin is cleansed by flushing out all the dirt, debris, and bacteria in your pores. Then, a completely customizable chemical peel exfoliates that dead layer of skin cells. This part really stunned me because my skin usually can't handle any sort of peel with glycolic acid. The coolest part for me was feeling all of that debris in my skin being sucked out of my pores with the treatment's coveted vortex technology.

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It's not even a spoiler if I tell you the HydraFacial gave me hydrated, glowing skin because the results are literally immediate. You'll notice it right away. Check out this episode for the whole process and why I think it's the facial for just about everyone!