The deadliest U.S. workplace shootings in history

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Friday, August 1, 2014
Leung Ying killed 11 people on a farm outside of Fairfield, CA in August 1928.
Edward Charles Allaway killed seven people and wounded two others at California State University, Fullerton in 1976.
Patrick Sherrill shot 20  people, killing 14 of them, at an Edmond, Oklahoma post office in August 1986.
Richard Farley shot and killed seven people while wounding four others at ESL Incorporated in Sunnyvale, CA in 1988.
Joesph T. Wesbecker was reponsible for the Standurd Gravure shooting in 1989, where he killed eight people and injured twelve before taking his own life.
Mark O. Barton killed 12 people at Momentum Securities and All-Tech Investment Group before killing himself in Atlanta in 1999.
Michael Morgan McDermott killed seven people at Edgewater Technology in Wakefield, MA in December 2000.
Doug Williams shot 14 of his coworkers, killing 6, at a Lockheed Martin plant in Meridian, Mississippi in July 2003.
Jennifer San Marco murdered seven people at a mail processing plant in Goleta, CA in January 2006.
Omar S. Thornton murdered eight people at Manchester, Connecticut beer distribution plant in August 2010.
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The deadliest U.S. workplace shootings in historyLeung Ying killed 11 people on a farm outside of Fairfield, CA in August 1928.
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Workplace shootings are once again in the news after Tony DeFrances, a recently demoted executive of a company called ArrowStream, shot the company's CEO Steven Lavoie before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide, authorities said. The tragic shooting happened at 10:00 a.m., July 31st inside The Bank Of America building in Chicago's Loop.

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This event is just another tragic addition in a sad history of workplace murders. Check out the gallery above to see murderers behind the deadliest U.S. workplace shootings.