Malört-eggnog soft serve creates lines and grimaced faces at Chicago area deli

ByJordan Arseneau Localish logo
Thursday, December 15, 2022
Malört-eggnog soft serve creates lines, grimaced faces
"Deliciousness...if you're psychotic."

MCHENRY, Ill. -- More than 300 people RSVP'd on Facebook to attend the "Malort Eggnog Soft Serve Day" at Epic Deli in McHenry, Illinois.

Dressed in a Santa suit, co-owner Tyler Wildey said between 20 and 30 folks waited outside for the event to start and about 100 were served in the first hour.

"We had to fill these machines like four times," said Wildey. "We couldn't handle doing it for an entire week because it is insane in here."

Wildey said he thought it would be fun to churn an eggnog soft serve for Christmas and combine it with Jeppson's Malort, Chicago's infamous, Swedish-style liquor made with pungent wormwood.

"People say it tastes like dandelions, garbage, and gasoline," said Wildey. "It's got a real bad flavor."

Ian Philpot braved the lines to try the soft serve along with family members.

"Malort tastes like if you were making an alcohol and you took some old gym socks, stuffed them in there, and just let it sit," said Philpot.

Epic Deli often makes ice cream using spirits with use of its Below Zero Soft Serve Machines. Their Malort eggnog was served as a sundae at the event, topped with Malort infused whipped cream and caramel sauce. Wildey said that the soft serve takes on its own flavor when combined with the alcohol and eggnog.

"It's going to be a less offensive version of Malort when you mix it with something that sweet," said Wildey.

"This is definitely worth the wait and standing in line for," said Andrew Mate, who wore a Jeppson's Malort t-shirt to the event and ate the soft serve with a grimaced face. "It's the caramel sauce; it's so concentrated."

Mate's wife Amanda wore Jeppson's Malort Christmas ornaments as earrings to Epic Deli and almost finished an entire sundae.

"It is amazing," said Mate. "Deliciousness...if you're psychotic."

For more information on Epic Deli and their special events, visit the deli's Facebook and Instagram pages.