Inexpensive ways to change a room with fabric

Before you know it, the holidays will be here and that means many will spend November and December sprucing up their homes for the season. One of the simplest and inexpensive ways to make a dramatic update to a room is through fabrics whether its new drapes or re-upholstering chairs or a couch. And, when it comes to shopping for designer fabrics for upholstery for more than half the price, The Loomcraft Textiles warehouse in Burlington doesn't advertise, but specializes in just that.

"We buy it by the truckload and we like to think we're one of, if not the largest, wholesaler of fabrics of seconds and closeouts in the United States," explained Brian Frankel. He is the head of retail operations for the four Loomcraft stores across the country, and his great-grandfather started the company.

"My great-grandfather started the business 65 years ago in the 50s," Frankel said. "He was a tailor and he started buying fabrics from mills in the U.S. and selling to small manufacturers and for export as well."

Frankel says the bulk of their business is wholesale, but their retail store is open to the public 7 days a week and outdoor fabric is very popular.

Shoppers can find fabrics from $5.99 a yard and up, but, nothing in the retail store is more than $19.99 a yard. There is also free bin for each shopper to take a yard or two of fabric for free and bulk donations are available for schools or non-profits.

Frankel points out for holiday decorating, fabric can also be used for table runners, tree skirts, and trim for mantles or banisters.

"We like to think by coming to us you're cutting your cost in half," he said.

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