NC 6th most popular place to relocate during pandemic, report says

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Some Realtors say Northerners or West Coast folks flocking to the Triangle are having a strong ripple effect on the real-estate market.

National moving companies are tracking which states are experiencing the strongest exodus and then those receiving the largest influx of newcomers.

A study from United Van Lines said the top five states that people are leaving are New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Connecticut and California -- all states with Democratic governors.

North Carolina also has a Democrat as governor -- but with a more business-friendly climate and milder weather than most of those aforementioned states -- is the sixth most popular place to go to, and transplants like Brian Scopinch can have an upper hand in a hot market.

"We landed on a new construction," Scopinch said.

He lives in the Hamptons but he will soon be trading the waterfront community for the Triangle.

"We're trying to grow our family (and) get a family home. In New York, it's very difficult to do that. I do work remotely, so I have the flexibility to move down there and keep my job there," Scopinch said.

Securing a spot here hasn't been easy, breezy. The competition is stiff.

It took Scopinch and his wife three months just to get on a waiting list for new construction.

"We know it's a very desirable place right now," he said. "Especially being from New York, a lot of New Yorkers are going down there."

Realtor Stewart Corchiani said she has been getting an increase in calls from out-of-state buyers. She said most of them are buying property sight-unseen.

"It's driving the prices up. It's making cash so important because they have so much equity in their houses and they're moving down here and our prices are so reasonable. It's kind of hurting the local people," Corchiani said.

Real estate prices continue to rise. The latest data from a monthly Zillow report shows that for the Raleigh ZIP Code 27613, which covers northwest Raleigh on either side of 540, home prices are up nearly 10 percent since last year and 81 houses were sold recently.

Scopinch isn't purchasing in that ZIP Code, but he's confident he's making a good investment.

"We're happy to finally get into a contract and to be in an area that is clearly booming," he said, "and the value should only appreciate from here so, that definitely is a good feeling."
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