Wake County moms debate racial divide of 2020 presidential election results

WAKE COUNTY, N.C (WTVD) -- Despite the undecided outcome of the presidential race, the tight results so far reflect, in part, the sharp national divide along racial lines.

President Donald Trump's provocative rhetoric alienated many Black voters; but the president spent considerable time courting African Americans in the run-up to Election Day. Most recently, Trump rolled out his Platinum Plan.

But, ABC News exit polls show most Black voters were not convinced. 91% voted for Joe Biden.

Exit polls show 50% of North Carolina voters approve of Trump's performance as president

Our Vote 2020 discussion, on the night after the election, was with two sets of voters with two very different understandings of where the nation is on its racial politics or if a President Biden or President Trump can do much to bridge the divide.

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