Possible alligator sighted at Lake Benson in Garner

GARNER, N.C. (WTVD) -- Officials with the Town of Garner say there have been unconfirmed sightings of an alligator in Lake Benson.

They're warning people to be on the lookout and call N.C. Wildlife at (919) 707-0040 or the Town of Garner at (919) 661-6982 if they see it.

Alligators are almost unheard of around the Triangle unless they're pets that have been released, but they are common closer to the coast.

"Routinely across the state, including the Piedmont, individuals illegally holding alligators as 'pets' release them into our ponds, streams and lakes when they reach a size that is difficult for them to manage," Batts said.

The reported sightings indicate the alligator is about four feet long. Batts said that size alligator would not pose a significant threat to people or their pets unless some tries to feed or grab it.

"There's been no confirmation about what these people have been seeing, and so there's no video, photographic evidence that we've been presented with, so we're unsure of what exactly people are seeing," said Rick Mercier with the town of Garner.

Last summer, a fisherman sent ABC11 video when he hooked one in Falls Lake that officials said had likely been released into the lake.

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