Officials say domestic violence more widespread than you think

Experts told ABC11 domestic violence is everywhere and in fact, closer than you think.

National numbers show that 20 people are physically assaulted every minute in the United States. In addition, every nine seconds a woman is beaten or assaulted

Twenty-thousand phone calls are placed to domestic violence hotlines nationwide daily.

"The person who was abused often want the person abusing them to be seen in a positive way. They don't tell people what's going on," said licensed professional counselor Dr. Mary Hinson. "The signs could vary. If someone shows up with a bruise and says, 'oh yeah I walked into a wall' and there is a pattern of it. Isolation from family members or friends could be another sign."

There are resources available to those suffering from domestic violence.

The National Domestic Violence hotline is 1-800-799-7233.
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