Apex rescue group looking for missing pregnant dog

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016
images-image courtesy Peak Lab Rescue

APEX, NC (WTVD) -- Volunteers are searching for a pregnant dog missing in the Apex and Cary area.

The Labrador named Lilly was initially picked up by Peak Lab Rescue in Beaufort and was being transferred to an animal hospital when she got scared and ran off.

"A rural area, probably living outdoors her whole life. This is probably the first time she had been in a house situation with a leash and collar," explained Karen Steers with Peak Lab Rescue.

Since then, she's been spotted in several areas.

"She just took off fast. She traveled from the Ten Ten Road area to Regency within an hour," said Steers.

One of the areas Lilly was spotted was around the Koko Booth Amphitheatre, but she's skittish and runs away when anyone approaches.

"We're hoping that she's found a safe area to have her babies, or just a safe are to keep her out of this storm until we can find her," said Steers.

Steers said they don't want anyone out searching for Lilly in the severe weather. Peak Lab Rescue will post updates on the search on its Facebook page.

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