New North Carolina law could stop telemarketers from using fake phone numbers

North Carolina lawmakers are working to crack down on telemarketers and scammers who use fake caller ID numbers.

A new bill would make it illegal for companies to use misleading names or numbers as their caller ID.

The Truth in Caller ID Act would require solicitors to use their real contact information or the name and number of the company they are representing. Current state law only prohibits telemarketers from blocking their caller ID.

Lawmakers who are sponsoring the bill said telemarketers' use of fake numbers disrupts the lives and businesses of North Carolina residents.

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"The Truth in Caller ID Act will bring overdue accountability to telemarketing," said State Representative Jason Saine.

The bill passed the first reading in the house and was referred to committee. If it passes into law, the Truth in Caller ID Act would become effective Dec. 1. 2019.
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