Missing NC teen's remains found after four-day-long search, Albemarle police confirm

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Missing NC teen's remains found after four-day-long search
Police in Albemarle say the remains of a missing 17-year-old Baylee Carver have been found.

ALBEMARLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Police in Albemarle, North Carolina say the remains of a missing 17-year-old girl have been found.

Officers confirm Baylee Carver's remains were located north of Highway 49 and Route 601 in Cabarrus County on Tuesday afternoon. During a news conference police said law enforcement has covered more than 1,000 miles while searching for Carver's remains.

The search started early Friday morning when police responded to a 911 call for assistance at a house on Flora Drive. They said when they arrived, Joshua Biles told them his girlfriend was dead and he had disposed of her body using a red Honda Civic.

Not many other details have been released about the case but police did tell ABC Affiliate WSOC that they have arrested Biles, 20, in connection to the investigation.

Biles had allegedly told investigators he didn't remember where he left Carver's body which started the four-day-long search. He is facing a charge of felony obstruction and concealment of death. Biles is in the Stanly County jail under a $250,000 bond.

Members of Carver's family were also part of the search. Justin Carver, the teen's father, told the TV station, "I feel like I can't stop until they find her, or we find her."

Carver says his daughter had a loving spirit and when she was born he got her name tattooed on his arm. He said right now, his focus is staying on the search for his daughter and not on the pain that lies at the end of it."I'm still trying to process all that, know what I mean, it's probably gonna hit me when they do find her," he said.

The NC State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) and the National Center for Exploited and Missing Children were collaborating with the Albermarle Police Department to find Carver's remains.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Albemarle Police Department at 704-984-9500.

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Police in Albermarle confirm they're searching for the remains of 17-year-old, Baylee Carver.

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