'We will hold them accountable': Gas price gouging complaints top 800 here in NC, AG says

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Friday, May 14, 2021
Gas price gouging complaints top 800 here in NC, AG says
In the past day, the North Carolina Attorney General's Office has seen another 200 gas price gouging complaints -- totaling more than 840 complaints filed.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Another 200 gas price gouging complaints were filed to the North Carolina Attorney General's Office in the last 24 hours as the state continues to struggle with a gas shortage. Now, more than 840 complaints have been filed.

The state shared with ABC11 what some of the complaints alleged; there are more than fifty complaints filed in Wake County alone.

One driver who filed a complaint snapped pictures of being charged $4.29 for mid-grade gas. Another driver filling up at a Wendell station filed a complaint about being charged $4.75 a gallon for premium gas when before the state of emergency he claims the same gas was just $3.96. Two drivers filed a complaint against a Holly Springs gas station for charging $3.99 to $4.00 a gallon for regular gas when they claim it was $2.69 the day before, and also on Gas Buddy, they say it stated $2.69.

There are two complaints filed about a Durham gas station charging $5.49 a gallon for premium gas when just days before the driver says it was just $3.29. The drivers filing the complaints say when they asked the store clerk why the higher price they couldn't explain it.

The complaints also alleged the station would only take cash payments of $20 and wouldn't give a receipt.

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Some of the complaints are not valid as Attorney General Josh Stein says consumers were mistaken at the high prices advertised.

"We have gotten complaints about gas being priced at $9.99 and what the sellers are trying to do is signal to people 'don't stop, I'm out of gas' but some consumers are worried that is the actual price," Stein said.

If you do spot price gouging, Attorney Josh Stein wants to hear from you as his office is investigating complaints: to file a complaint, take a picture or video of what you paid, and get a receipt to prove it.

"If we find any gas seller out there ripping off NC consumers because of this crisis, we will hold them accountable," Stein said.