Businesses react to Raleigh Police crime update; new ATF data shows recent uptick in gun thefts

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Thursday, October 19, 2023
Businesses react to crime stats update in Raleigh
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An uptick in stolen guns in Raleigh has business owners concerned.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- ABC11 has obtained new data from the ATF about stolen guns in North Carolina. The data shows that 2023 year-to-date gun thefts from licensed dealers have already eclipsed the total for all of 2021, and recent trends show it could soon pass 2022.

In total, the ATF reports that 241 guns have been stolen to date this year, in comparison with 112 in 2021 and 326 in 2022. The ATF said there have been more break-ins in the last few weeks.

This data comes as Raleigh says it seeing a similar issue in the Capital City. In the city's most recent crime report Wednesday, Chief Estella Patterson said there's been a 40% increase in guns stolen out of cars compared to the same time last year.

That report also noted that arrests in Raleigh's Glenwood South have more than tripled, while gun confiscations have more than quadrupled.

The leader of Raleigh Police Department releases the latest 2023 crime report for the city.

On Thursday, business owners who have been clamoring for stricter law enforcement in the nightlife district reacted to the numbers.

"It's like a small army. It's pretty good, you can definitely see them down here," said Wes Alexander, GM of the Hibernian, of the increased police presence.

Larry Miller runs a business coalition in Glenwood South and said the numbers have proved the vocal proponents of change right.

"They're able to be here when crimes occur," Miller said. "And so, the fact that you have a lot more police officers here, it's not surprising that there are a lot more arrests being made."