'They're overpriced': Homeownership fair offers help to people seeking affordable house options

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Saturday, July 15, 2023
Raleigh homeownership fair helps people seeking affordable housing
The dream of homeownership in the Triangle's not impossible, but it often seems unreachable for many people.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The dream of homeownership in the Triangle's not impossible, but it often seems unreachable for many people these days. Desirable neighborhoods can have some of the highest prices at a time when affordability is top of mind for shoppers like Melanie Fox.

"I'm finding most of the homes that's affordable are much too high," she said. "They're overpriced."

She explored several options at Raleigh's Homeownership Information Fair, inside the Carolina Pines Community Center.

"The City of Raleigh has Homebuyer Assistance Programs, which offer forgivable loans to offset the cost of a down payment and other closing costs. That can be up to $45,000 to offset the costs. We have also an enhanced Homebuyer Assistance Program to help with that as well," Communications specialist Holly Gallagher told ABC 11.

Potential homeowners could also speak with representatives from banks and other sources of financing. Melanie Fox appreciated the opportunity at a time when the cost of a home remains daunting.

"I decided when I got ready to retire, that I wanted to get in more of an affordable place with seniors," she said before speaking with representatives of Habitat for Humanity.

Realtor Ebony Peterson said she can assist those potential homeowners along the process of finding an affordable home.

"See how the market is going to change because some people want to wait. And the thing is when interest rates keep changing, with the feds keep changing, you just don't know exactly what's going to happen," she said. " And there are a lot of programs out there that might also help you with an interest rate buy-down. They have a lot of incentive specials, a lot of the new builds. So I would say check a lot of the new builds because some of them are offering $7,000 towards closing costs, some are offering $10,000."

"My plan going forward is to go ahead and talk to my bank and see what I qualify for. And go from there," Fox said.

To learn more about the city's programs, you can visit here.