Raleigh man accused of going on car break-in spree in Wake Forest

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WTVD) -- Eighteen-year-old Tyresse Johnson, of Raleigh, is accused of breaking into at least 13 vehicles in Wake Forest last Tuesday and stealing a 2015 Ford Fusion from a home.

Johnson appeared before a judge in Wake County on Monday.

"This gentleman, apparently, was going from yard to yard or driveway to driveway and opening car doors that appeared to be unlocked or most of them were unlocked, I guess, ransacking the vehicles and taking whatever was available," said Lt. Jeremy Morris, of the Wake Forest Police Department. "Unfortunately, some of them even had keys in the vehicle."

Andrew Kam said his car and his roommate's car were broken into but nothing was stolen.

"It was obviously concerning," Kam said. "You think no one would really do that, especially in a little culdesac like this. Everybody can kind of see everybody."

Jeremy Dieter said his mom's van was also broken into on April 16.

"I think they took a jacket and a few other small things," Dieter said.

Kam and Deiter said their vehicles were locked but police say most weren't.

"The biggest thing is to lock the vehicles and don't leave valuables laying out in the open and certainly don't leave your keys in the vehicle," Lt. Morris said.

But there's a sigh of relief after an arrest was made.

"I hope he goes to prison and I hope he serves the time that he deserves to serve," Dieter said.

Police believe Johnson didn't work alone. That means there could be more arrests.

Johnson is expected in court again May 9.
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