Wake Forest church spreads kindness through random acts

Amber Rupinta Image
Friday, September 15, 2017

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Living Word Family Church in Wake Forest has been spending a few weeks urging the congregation to perform random acts of kindness in the community. The church is also performing their own acts with a small and big surprises including one during service.

"We've set you up," explained Pastor Steve Caronna to one driver.

Church members had reached out to two local restaurants, Milton's Pizza and Pasta and Papa John's in Wakefield, to let them know what they had planned.

During a Sunday service, Pastor Caronna explained to the congregation what they were trying to do. The first driver, Zach, from Milton's arrived with pastries for delivery with no clue the congregation had just taken a collection for him.

As the collection basket was passed the congregation was encouraged to give what they could in this random act.

Even the pastor was blown away when the money was counted. "Oh my goodness!" said Pastor Caronna. "Thirteen hundred thirty dollars!"

Next, Kevin Lilley, a father of four and driver for Papa John's for ten years arrived with his delivery.

The congregation also gave generously for Lilley and he was surprised with a tip of more than fifteen-hundred dollars on stage.

"This couldn't have come at a better time," explained Lilley.

"I'm shocked," he said.

Outreach Pastor Jamie Tobler says he believes this is a lifestyle we can all live with.

"There'so many different creative ways to help people," Tobler said.

Living Word Family Church continues their random acts and encourages others to help spread kindness.