Don't toss your receipt! Compete surveys for freebies

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- If you toss your purchase receipts, it might pay to take a closer look.

On many receipts, businesses place a survey code at the bottom. Some offer a cash sweepstakes that you have a chance of winning upon completion, but many are offering discounts and freebies.

Eyewitness News sat down with a stack of receipts to see if the surveys were a waste of time or if the incentives were actually worth the time.

Each receipt took only a couple minutes, and we never spent more than four on any survey. The incentives ranged from a free sandwich at Chic Fil A to 25 percent off our next car wash.

Keep in mind that many receipts have a deadline date on them that lets you know when you need to complete the survey.

Once you complete the survey, either online or over the phone, you'll receive a code to write on the receipt. Then the cashier will use that code to give you a discount. Many of the codes can expire anywhere from 3 to 30 days after completion of the survey.

The surveys can vary from location to location, and may change throughout the year. These are the offers we received:

Chick-fil-A - Free original chicken sandwich

Dunkin Donuts - Free donut with the purchase of a medium or larger beverage

Einstein Bros Bagels - Free regular coffee/medium fountain drink

IHOP - Free short stack

McDonald's - BOGO free Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Michael's - $5 off purchase of $25 or more

Mister Car Wash - 25 percent off next car wash

Outback - Free blooming onion

Panda Express - Free entree

Petsmart - $3 off next purchase

Popeye's - Free 2 piece chicken and biscuit

Schlotzky's - 3 free cookies with entree purchase

Smoothie King - $1 off next purchase within 5 days

Sonic - Free drink

Subway - Free cookie

Wendy's - $2 discount off a large sandwich or full-size salad

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