Revenge Travel: Travel agencies booking triple their pre-pandemic numbers

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Travel agencies are booking three times their pre-pandemic numbers as people are looking to travel with a vengeance.

Stephanie Michel and her family just returned from a trip to Disney World and are already looking to book a trip to Jamaica in June.

"I love making new connections with people when we travel,"

Since many restrictions have lifted and more people are getting vaccinated by the day, they wanted to get back to a sort of normal but definitely didn't expect their trip to be perfect.

"Many people are very reserved or very cautious, no one really is sure who is comfortable with what. So we're not new to Disney but Disney during a pandemic, I thought we would see some extra help."

So Stephanie reached out to travel agent Jana Baez with Unforgettable Travel LLC. To make sure they didn't have to worry about every detail when it comes to traveling during an ongoing pandemic.

"It's been an adventure, it was something the travel industry has never seen before," said Baez.

It goes without saying that the travel industry took a big hit during the pandemic and many agencies like Baez's with the pandemic halting her business and after 20 years in the industry. Like many, her agency had to adjust to the new normal.

"I am looking into cancellation policies. I am looking into vaccinations or right now covid testing because each and every island and country is completely different," said Baez.

As of April, the U.S. is recommending people avoid international travel. Because of that, Baez says it's a good idea to plan ahead and make sure all of your paperwork and passports are up to date, also have a backup plan in case your destination becomes unsafe for you and your family to visit.
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