Teacher makes Christmas dreams come true for her students with donated toys

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Sunday, December 20, 2020
Teacher makes Christmas dreams come true
This third grade teacher made her student's dreams come true!

A teacher from the South Side of Chicago is bringing Christmas cheer to her students with the help of her community!

Laura Quering is a third-grade teacher at Carter G. Woodson North in the Bronzeville community in Chicago's South Side.

For seven years, Quering has collected donated gifts to give to her students a week before Christmas.

Quering asked her community to help bring cheer to her students this year, and they were able to collect gifts for over 300 students this year.

The third-grade teacher asked her students to write down a Christmas list and were partnered up with a gift donor.

Many donors making the students' lists come true.

"The magic is in hearing them say, 'that's what I wanted!'," said Quering.